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Featured Listing 2-25-2013

Busy, busy, busy.  The market has picked up and this featured listing is sure to go fast!  Nestled in a perfect location in Egg Harbor Township, this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is just waiting for the perfect homeowner.

This well kept home offers plenty of space for any new family starting out or one that is downsizing.  The flooring and paint colors add warmth to the home.  This cozy gem is great for anyone looking for move-in ready.

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Renting VS Buying

How long have you been renting out a property and paying rent to the landlord? A lot ofclients ask me if they would be better off renting or buying. I would always say buying.Here is why…

I don’t see the point in paying someone else’s mortgage while the tenant is responsible for maintenance most of the time. You could own your own home and do the maintenance on it and do it however you want. You don’t have a landlord breathing down your neck on how many holes you can put in the wall or what you are or not allowed to do to the home.

A lot of tenants have or had pets. Most owners do not allow pets in their home which puts the tenants in a bad spot. Pets are family too although I can understand why landlords don’t want them in the home. It is hard to give up a family pet just to move into a home.  Most owners let small pets, fish, hamsters, and such into a home though since they can’t mess up furniture or floors.

The scary fact in renting is what is going to happen if the owner/landlord decides they want to sell their home. How many times are you going to have to move especially if you have small children? It is going to happen at times where the house is up for sale and the possibility of having to move quickly and find a place is going to happen faster than you think.

Mortgage rates are so low these days! 2.5-4% not kidding! Mortgage reps can let you know if you qualify and what you qualify for. There are still ways to buy a home with you not bringing any money to the table. You will be able to pay less in a mortgage than you pay rent. REALLY!!! Seen it happen multiple times. If you are going to pay utilities and care for the home, why not pay less in a mortgage and still pay for the same things as you were renting.

Call or email me for more information on mortgages and I can help you find a great experienced mortgage rep that can help you get the house you dreamt of.






6 Tips for Home Buyers

Spring is now right around the corner!  Homeowners that are looking to sell are getting ready to list, searching for a realtor and getting their CMA's, and cleaning up the home and staging it for potential home buyers.  But as a potential home buyer though, what should you look for in a home, what should you know before you start searching and where should you look to find problems in a potential home?  This article is to give you tips on what you should do when out looking for the perfect home for you.

1. Before you start, get a Pre-Approval

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The Importance of Curb Appeal

When selling your home, you want to get everything right.  The inside has to be perfect!  However, you can't overlook the outside of the home, especially the front.  Curb appeal can matter a great deal to potential buyers.  A buyer might see your home online and decide to take a drive by, and if the yard looks like a bomb had gone off on it, they may not even consider taking a look inside.

Curb Appeal Door with Pillars
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